Boys in my room!?

Okay so this post is kinda weird but okay just go with it.

So yesterday we got our roommate application and it was pretty basic. How messy are you, what temperature do you like, etc. Except the last question.

SO the last question asked if we would like an access floor or a non-access floor. Access floors are floors on which guys are allowed to visit and they aren’t on non-access ones. And even on access floors, guys aren’t allowed from 8-10 am and pm. So initially I asked my mom and she said maybe I should take the non-access floor for year 1 but she said that we we’ll discuss it when she gets home.

As soon as she said that I felt like I wanted to get an access floor cuz of course, I have to do the opposite of what my mom wants! So then she came home and we talked and she asked me what I wanted and I said whatever is fine with me and so she said then choose whatever. So after a lot of consideration I decided to go with access.

Then this morning I changed my mind ad resubmitted the form with non-access. And then I wrote them a mail asking them to consider the second one. Now lets see what happens. I won’t mind either tbh.

But it got me thinking, boys in my room!? Like I’m gay af so it’s not like I need boys in my room so? So okay I’m not gay af but I’m not sexually interested in guys so yeah it doesn’t matter in that way. But then I guess there would be more hanging out stuff on access floors but then I’d also like a bit of privacy so Idk and THE IDEA OF BOYS IN MY ROOM IS SO FUNNY!!!

The thing is, I’ve never lived with guys/men in my house except for short period in between so it’s a weird concept for me but I think I’d be cool with it. Also, I hope my roomie and I get along!!


6 thoughts on “Boys in my room!?

  1. LOL, I love this post. I remember filling out a very similar application over 18 years ago. I lived in a hall where boys lived on the same floor as me 🙂 But, I could have chosen an all girl hall! That wasn’t for me, I was boy crazy at 18 and LOVED the idea of boys being around all the time. 😉

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  2. At my university, it’s not allowed to have mixed gender rooms. As a result, I roomed with all girls throughout my three years in the dorms (I moved out to the apartments my final year). But there were boys on my floor, and they were pretty chill. I’m sure as long as you and your roommate respect each other from the get-go, your rooming experience will be a good one. Take care!

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