Updates! (and guest posts)


So there’s a new post up on my new blog chai and feminism so here is the link https://chaiandfeminism.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/wcw-sheetal-sheth/ if you want to check it out!

Also, if any of you would like to guest post, then you are most welcome! You can write about anything related to the topics mentioned above including Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, poetry, personal stories (coming out stories, experiences with racism etc), about books with feminist/LGBT+ characters/themes etc. If you are interested leave a comment below or write to me at chaiandfeminism@gmail.com

Moving on now.


So updates on my life –

  1. A pretty close friend of mine got diagnosed with cancer. Lymphoma stage 3. And like yeah she was telling me how she’s just started chemo and how her hair is going to fall out and stuff and honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. I just tried to be encouraging and stuff. I’m going to visit her soon though. I told her to tell me when she’s feeling a little better and then I would go see her cuz right now she isn’t doing so well (obviously) and she’s also not allowed to go out too much. I don’t know how to help much except be as supportive and helpful as I can I guess. I’ll write more about this another time maybe.
  2. I’ve actually been feeling kinda low lately. I try not to dwell on it but it’s getting difficult. And like I haven’t cut in like 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days which is amazing for me but I almost did last night but yeah I didn’t. I kinda remembered that trick that therapist I went to see once had taught me. Distance, Distract, Delay. Anyway, I’m not going to go into much detail about it right now but I’ll write another post about it soon.
  3. One of my best friends who is moving to Canada for college is coming over tomorrow to spend time with me which is great and this is probably like the second last time I’m going to be seeing her in a while.
  4. I got the new Harry Potter book but I’ve only read like 20-30 pages!
  5. So like whenever the topic of college comes up, my mom keeps saying that I have to visit every weekend and stuff and it’s getting really annoying. This is the reason I wanted to go really far away for college but oh well. College is only about two hours away so I guess I’ll have to come back pretty often but I am NOT coming home every weekend. I literally cannot wait to leave.
  6. I am planning a call with a tumblr friend of mine from the US which is quite exciting I guess.
  7. I feel like I use the word exciting or excitement way too much. Even when I am not excited. I feel like if I say I am then I will be which is weird. So for now, everything is exciting. Also, did I mention that nothing is exciting and I’m sad af. But I’m not allowed to be sad so instead everything is exciting ugh.

Okay I can literally feel a rant coming so I’m going to stop now. But I might post more later tonight.


6 thoughts on “Updates! (and guest posts)

  1. Hey there. So, I would love to do a guest post. I’d be happy to write a Woman Crush Wednesday. Even though I am a straight woman, there is one actress “character” that I am in love with and I could totally write a post about her!!!

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  2. Thanks for the updates! I’m so sorry to hear that your friend has cancer; I can see you’re close with her and all you can do is support and be there for her. I’m proud you haven’t cut in months, and hope that you won’t in the future; you’ve got a world ahead of you! College will be a new experience and I remember my parents telling me the same thing, but you can always say that you might be too busy some weekends to come home!

    …and feel free to contact me if you ever want to talk! Take care. 🙂

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