So I don’t know if many people do this but I usually always have music playing in my earphones especially when I’m studying. Like every exam season, I have a specific playlist that I play on repeat and as soon as exams are over, I stop listening to it. Similarly, I have playlists for all my vacations/trips, events, birthdays basically everything. Including relationships.

There was a point when I used to make lists with people’s names written and assign songs to them based on what I felt about them. This was when I was a kid okay, don’t judge me! Anyway, so what I’m saying is that I associate songs to people and events and everything.

And when I’m going through something hurtful or a breakup or something like that usually then I have one particular song playing and every time I hear the songs, it reminds me of the situation. Till it doesn’t. And that moment when I realize that I can listen to that song without feeling bad is amazing. It makes me feel like I’m truly over that shit and it actually feels great!

A couple of days back, I was sitting and listening to music with my sis and she was playing all these random songs and she played this one song that reminded me of my first crush on a girl. So this girl is also a friend and a while back when I met her, I kinda realized I was very uncomfortable around her and idk I was just upset. And listening to this song always reminded me of her and made me uncomfortable. But like this time when I heard it, it didn’t bother me at all! Like I simply just enjoyed the music!

Similarly, I used to listen to this song called Love story by Taylor Swift a lot and I used to love singing along to it, especially the last verse. And like even now when it plays I cannot resist singing along and it just makes me so happy and nostalgic.

Okay now I’m rambling but yeah, music is good okay.


16 thoughts on “Music

  1. YES! I had this song that reminded me of a previous relationship and I couldn’t listen to it for a year after it ended because it hurt too much, but now I can listen to it again and that feels great

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  2. I never really realized that I do that, but now since you brought it up I realize that I do! I listened to this one song CONSTANTLY during a breakup and I now I don’t even remember the name of the song cuz it isn’t really attached to any emotions!

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  3. Oh, this post! I listen to music all the time and yes, I have songs assigned for every mood, too. Coincidentally, even I’ve realised recently that I can listen to songs without bothering about people I associated with them. Overall, this post is really a mirror my current situation. Very relatable.

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  4. Yes! I have so many songs that I listened to during certain parts of my life, and listening to them now makes me all nostalgic and stuff. I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

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