Bangalore Trip! 

So last thursday, (7th July) I went on a kind of spontaneous trip with my family to Bangalore.

Basically what happened was that my mom had a work trip and we have other family in that city so she just asked if we wanted to go visit them and we said yes!

So we had an early morning flight, around 7 am. Reached my uncle’s house where we were gonna be staying around 1 in the afternoon. Met my little baby cousin who is 4 yrs old and is the cutest little thing ever. Both on Thursday and Friday we just stayed in and hung out with family while my mom went to work. On Thursday, my aunt made traditional south Indian food which was so yumm. I asked for the recipe also so I’m going to try to make it at home! Then on Friday morning, my uncle went to work and my baby cousin went to school while my aunt decided to stay home and so we just hung out with her. Then that evening, my uncle made pizzas at home which were so good!!

Next day which was Saturday, we woke up early, got ready and were out of the house by 9 30am. We went to see their new house which is being built, which was fun cuz we went to the park in that locality and it was nice and windy there. Then we went to a sports shop where we bought some tennis stuff for my sis. Then after that we went for lunch at chili’s which was amazing!! We ordered so much food, tacos, quesadillas, burgers, pasta, fajitas and Idk what else. It was all so good! It was kind of a celebration for my results and stuff.

Then my mom went to the supermarket to buy some really cool baskets for my dorm room. And we ended up buying a lot of stuff including a blue and turquoise eyeliner for me and so we had to bring back an extra bag with us!

After that, we went to the airport for our flight back and reached home by 9pm.

Oh and I forgot to mention, we got some really cute pictures and Polaroids so that was really nice! My baby sis is so cute and she says such funny things at times!


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