New Blog//Help!?


So I’m thinking of setting up a new blog! I’m thinking of making that one less personal. Like activism and feminism related. And like current issues, LGBT issues, awareness regarding mental disorders etc.

So I already know someone who wants to help out with the blog which is awesome! If anyone else wants to help out maybe, then you can write me a comment or an email at

Also, I need help thinking of a name/URL for my blog! I’m so bad at coming up with names! Coming up with this one took me so long, so any help will be much appreciated! Thank you! πŸ™‚


25 thoughts on “New Blog//Help!?

  1. This sounds great! I would be interested in helping out. Some thoughts on the URL: “Girl Talk,” “A Feminist Speaks,” “Life According to *name*” (even though I’m aware that you want it to be less personal, but just a thought!).

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  2. motivational posts would be awesome as well as could help others. I believe the more us bloggers write positive and motivational content, the more we can spread positivity. And your blog name should be something with popular words. If feminism is your thing, add it in their. Everyone tries to be so original with their blog name (like I did ;/ ) and it does not get found easily in search engines. If you want more people seeing your blog….use words that get searched often. Cheers πŸ™‚

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