Hair cut! 

So I’m sitting in the hair parlor as I’m writing this but I’ll only be able to post it when I get home and have internet connection. Currently they’re putting this white stuff in my hair which smells kinda bad and before this they put cling wrap on my head!

I’m getting a hair smoothening thing done. My hair is crazy thick and wavy and quite unmanageable and so I needed to do this. Also, I’ve alway had long hair but on Sunday I got it cut and now it’s quite short. Like up to my collarbone I think! And like it’s longer in the front and shorter in the back. I like it.

A while back I was reading something and it had a line which said – go home. Shave your legs or your head. Whichever makes you feel lighter. – or something along these lines and i thought to myself at that point that how dramatic is this! But it actually makes me feel lighter. Like of course physically lighter but also metaphorically!
I like that I have something different now. I needed to change something and this is good. When I walked into the parlor I didn’t think I’d get it cut this short but I did. And I think it looks cute. I wanted to get it coloured blue but my mom won’t let me. But that can happen later.

I know I’m being quite dramatic but I feel like this haircut is part of the new phase of my life. And I’m excited.

Edit – what was supposed to take 3-4 hrs took me 7 and half hrs. For the hair straightening thing I had to put a cream which would break the bonds in my hair in half hour but apparently my hair is TOO healthy and it took me 4 hrs and 3 re applications of the cream! I went to the parlor at 11am and got back at 7 30pm. But I’m happy with the result so yay!

So like this^ is how it looks from the side!


15 thoughts on “Hair cut! 

  1. Yay, it’s great that you’re happy with it – even though it took ages! I guess, find a new you with your hair. Changes in physical appearance can actually have a good effect on confidence!

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