Hello! I am finally back from my tiny unexpected break of 21 days! I’ve been really busy with stuff, internship, travelling etc. but I’m here now and I’m going to  be posting a lot!

So I finally got my results for grade 12 on July 6 and so here goes.

I got a total of 35 out of 45 points! 7 is the highest possible score for each subject. I got a 6 in History, Psychology and Environmental studies. And I got a 5 in English, Math and Spanish. So that’s a total of 33 points.

I got a B in my extended essay in Psychology and I got a C in Theory of Knowledge so I got 2 bonus points from that. So a total of 35!

I am slightly disappointed with psych cuz I was expecting a 7 but it’s okay cuz only one person in our school got a 7! And I was so surprised with my Environmental studies score cuz I expected so much less and I’m quite happy with that! I’m also really happy with my Extended essay score cuz I was expecting a C or D cuz my supervisor was terrible and I procrastinated on it so much! Like I finished it really late! So I’m really happy!

Overall, I’m happy with it. My family is happy too. They were all like, “You’re the first one from this generation of our family to finish high school” etc etc. Anyway, this is good! And tbh, I’m happy that my hard work paid off no matter how much I whined and cribbed about it here on the blog and in the non virtual world as well!


13 thoughts on “Results!!!

  1. Congratulations, my friend! So happy for you. End-of-the-year results can be incredibly stressful, and I’m glad that you’re satisfied with your scores. Here’s to more good things coming soon!

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