So my stats page tells me that it has been 13 days since I last posted which is probably the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. And to be very honest, I don’t really feel like posting right now either but I’m going to. Cuz like later when I look back at my blog and try to create a time line of my teenage years, there’ll be this missing chunk of time and I don’t want that! SO I’m just going to write down some bullet points.

  1. Summer vacations are going on.
  2. I started my first internship on the 15th of June 2016. It’s at an NGO.
  3. I haven’t met any of my friends in like three weeks. I miss them but I feel like they don’t miss me.
  4. I’m very tired.
  5. I haven’t cut in 2 months and 2 days which is the longest I’ve gone in over a year.
  6. I read a book called The girl on the Train. I really liked it.
  7. My city is having a pride event which is very surprising cuz well it’s kinda a homophobic country so it’s good that we have this event thing and it’s 15 mins from where I live but it’s very likely that I won’t be able to go cuz I won’t get permission cuz well, my mom is slightly homophobic. Idk maybe  I’ll be able to go let’s see. I’ll try to figure something out.
  8. I miss my crush a lot.
  9. Idk I’m just really sad idk why but I keep trying to distract myself so idk. This post is so shit omg.
  10. I saw Finding Dory and it was so cute! Baby Dory was adorable!
  11. I joined the Facebook university group for my batch and got to read the introductions of a few people and speak to a couple of them and they seem nice I guess, idk. I’ll know better when I actually get there which is on August 20th.
  12. I bought some stuff for my dorm. Like bed-sheets and pillow cases and stuff.
  13. Annie and I aren’t friends anymore. This happened back in Goa but I just remembered so I thought I’d write it down. I’m not really sad about it or anything so yeah it’s fine I guess.
  14. I feel forgotten and I hate it.

Sorry this post is such a sob fest! Ugh, I’ll write soon. As soon as I feel better. Hope you guys are all doing well! I’m really sorry about being so behind on reading all your posts, I’ll try and catch up soon! Please comment links if there are any particular posts you’d like me to read. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. This is a transition period—going from high school to college. One friend on mine starts college on 1st July. It’s really early and I feel like I’m losing touch with my friends too.

    I think it’s pretty normal now. Don’t worry, you’ll get back with your friends and you’ll also get new ones.

    And I’m glad you’ve gone this long without cutting!

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  2. Omg I feel like that SO MANY TIMES, I understand you girl! XD Specially on summer cuz you don’t see your friends and your crush and you feel as you said forgotten and that’s argh!! #Struggles :/ I think the longest time I haven’t posted is 14 days or so, idk hehe. 😛 XD
    I love this post btw!

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  3. Hey, my transition from high school to college was one of the most difficult things I’ve experienced. Everyone was so busy living their lives I felt both forgotten and annoyingly unproductive. That is a totally normal thing to feel. But don’t let it consume you!

    There are bright things ahead of you!!! I’m sure of it. 😊 I’m here if you need someone to talk to, by the way.

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  4. Awh don’t you worry, you’ll get through it ❤ it’s all just temporary and I hope you know it.
    Also, if you get to go for the pride march PLEASE scream and cheer from my side. It’s vv important that you do. Some of my friends are going too! Really hope you can go.


  5. Hey, it’s absolutely fine not to blog for a couple of days. Please don’t beat yourself about it!
    This must be hard period for you, because it’s in this time that you know who really are there for you once school is done. But it’s really important to know.
    Anyways, you should be SO PROUD for going that long without cutting, it’s amazing!
    Plus, college will be completely different and you’ll have SO MANY new experiences, I hope you’re looking forward to that.

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  6. This little time between high school and college can be hard. Its not just coz everyone’s busy but because maybe you’re over analysing the toms you spend apart. This same amount of time not spent together wouldn’t have mattered last summer but you’re putting too much pressure on this summer too matter. This summer isn’t true test and won’t determine who will stick by you and who won’t. Its once you start college that you’ll actually find that out. Enjoy this time and try not to stress too much. The friends that are still with u after a year are bound to count but don’t judge them over such a short period. Reach out and they will too. Im sure they feel just as lonely without you.


  7. Its alright to take a break hunny. And I am so proud of you for not cutting, that is so so amazing and you should be so proud of yourself. I’m sorry you feel like your friends don’t miss you. Just know that you are not alone lovely 💕💕

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