Feeling kinda sad and lonely. I miss my friends. A lot. I just idk ugh. And like idk, I see everyone having fun together and living it up and doing very cliche and fun summer things and I just feel really left out. :/


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  1. I can understand. You just came back from a wonderful trip to Goa with them, and it’s that awkward time between summer and college where things are unsettling calm. How about proposing a date with your friends theoughout summer? Or keeping in touch via social media? Just some thoughts!

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  2. Hey it’s okay to feel that way. I understand what you’re going through. Sometimes I miss my friends so so much that it feels like a part of me itself is missing.
    Call them up, talk to them. Fix a date to meet up. They’re your friends and I’m sure they won’t mind ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, (this probably doesn’t help but) we’re here for you whenever you feel lonely! You can talk here about anything and everything!!
    Stay strong and keep writing โค

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  3. Don’t worry. You’ve got only one life so live like you wish. You’re missing them? Then call them. Talk to them. Celebrate yoursef. Because these are the things that matter.
    All the best and I hope you meet your friends soon and you’ll not miss tham anymore (I’m going through the same phase so I suggest writing emails. Helped me a lot)

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  4. *sigh* i know what it feels like and it sucks, so maybe invite a few of your friends out, or keep in touch with them at least – calls, skypes, texting, whatever. hope you’ll feel better. x

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  5. Hey I couldn’t find your about page from my phone so here I am. So my friend (maybe crush but idk about my sexuality so) is like very upset right now. We’re from different friend groups and still friends because of the bus ride home. Anyway, her friend group is apparently bitching about her behind her back and she’s just so upset and it makes me upset to see her that way. And idk I’m feeling so weird bc this girl may be my crush and she makes me feel weird and I can’t see her go through this. I just… I need help to help her honestly. And I trust you to guide me on this ๐Ÿ™

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    • Hey! Okay so if her friend group is notching about her then she obviously needs someone to be there for her and listen to her so tell her that you’re there for her and if she needs to vent you’re there. Also, if you think it’ll help, ask her if she wants to hang out with you and maybe go out somewhere and do something distracting as that might help her. And also, tell her how much she means to you cuz hearing that always makes people feel better. If she decides to confront her friend group, make sir you’re there supporting her. With all you’ve said, that’s all I can think of. But write me an email at and we can talk more if you like.


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