Little things make a difference

Sometimes it really is the tiny little things that make all the difference. You know like bringing someone water, or holding the door open for them or even a simple smile and a good morning. Or sometimes it comes in the form of asking thoughtful questions or liking certain Instagram posts. Okay I’ll explain.

I came out as bisexual to one of my friends from my previous school a while back. Now, this was a big thing for me cuz I wasn’t sure how she would react. People in my previous school weren’t as accepting as the people in my current school. So I was very apprehensive but I did it. It took her a bit to understand which I knew it would but she really did try to accept it and eventually she did!

I follow a few lgbt accounts on Instagram and like their posts very often. I really like some of these accounts. Now, on Instagram, you can see what other people are liking so this friend of mine saw me liking some of these lgbt posts and she liked some of them herself. Now, this doesn’t seem like a huge thing but it really is cuz this means that she’s trying to be more open minded and that means a lot to me.

She also very particularly asks if I have a girlfriend etc like she doesn’t just ask if I have a boyfriend ( I came out to her as bi). All of these tiny details that she takes care of mean a lot to me and like while we aren’t very close it’s still important to me that she’s being more open to these things!



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