So apparently, it’s pride month!!! At least as far as I know it’s celebrated in the U.S., Idk where else tho.



And that’s the pride month calender!!!

So yesterday, I was super excited about this and I decided that I wanted to celebrate a few! I sent it to my friend and I told her how I wanted to celebrate some of these and she said that she doesn’t know what most of them mean and asked me to explain and so I explained all of them!

I also told her how I really wanted to celebrate and I wanted to make a rainbow cake and right a few lgbt related posts and also make those loom band thingys in pride flag colours! I made one a while back when I identified as bisexual so that I could show my pride subtly even at home!


So anyway, after explaining all the various sexualities and genders to her, I think I kinda figured out where I belong! So I think I identify as biromantic, homosexual and I use the term gay as I think it fits me best. I also identify as demisexual I think and also polyamorous! Idk if that’s too much but I feel like all of that describes how I feel.

Anyway, I’m glad I at least feel like I figured out how I identify and for me pride doesn’t have to celebrated in a huge way, I can just do it in a tiny, subtle way I guess. But I really do want to celebrate it someday on a big scale and I wanna have people to celebrate it with! But till then, it’s okay, I’ll do what I can do! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Pride//Identity

  1. Haha today’s supposed to he bisexual day! Me and my “friend” (who also BRUTALLY supports this) had subtle celebrations all through the day. We celebrated in our own way and had the class join us, cuz why not? Even though its India and being LGBTQ+ is illegal here, I think we did well and spread the message. The teachers think we’re insane but who cares haha

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  2. I honestly had no idea there were so many kinds of identities to celebrate. :O Not to fill a whole month!
    But it’s wonderful. I’m glad this calendar exists.
    I also celebrate my pride in subtle ways. I have done it before in a flashier fashion lol, but I prefer subtle and quiet 🙂

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  3. Happy Pride Month to you, too! Personally, celebrating alone is not a bad thing; one doesn’t need to have a community in order to celebrate it. Do what makes you comfortable, though. If anything, I support you! 🙂

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