Goa Diaries ~ Day 6 & 7


So day 6 was the last day in Goa and we left on the morning of Day 7. You can read the day 4 and 5 post here.

So on the morning to day 6, we decided that we wanted to go to South Goa which was a good two hours away! So we booked cars, bought junk food for the way, and were off! On the way we just blasted music and laughed and talked and it was a lot of fun!

Upon reaching one of the beaches in South Goa, we decided to go on a boat ride to an isolated beach which was amazing. But like I’m slightly scared of water but I think it was quite nice.

IMG-20160529-WA0028 (1)


The beach was so pretty and had some really nice rocks and some which had some stuff drawn on them too! This was also the only beach where I found shells and I collected some!  Snapchat-5500547050735895202


After that we returned to the main beach and just sat in a shack and chilled and ate some food and saw the sunset which was quite beautiful!

IMG-20160529-WA0015 (1) IMG-20160529-WA0014 (1)

We had some nutella pancakes and milkshakes and french fries which were all heavenly! Not exactly Goan food but whatevr! At the food shack I also saw a sign which I found quite sexist and annoying but I couldn’t really do much about it :/Snapchat-9053498021866702817

Anyway, after this around 8 we left to go back thing o the place where we were staying and listened to a lot of really good music on the way which was super fun! After that upon reaching home, we talked for a really long time, played cards and stayed up till 5 in the morning!

The next morning, we left around 10 30 for the airport, chilled and talked on the way and it was kinda bitter sweet cuz it was the last time I was seeing a lot of them. screenshot_2016-05-29-21-35-21.png All in all it was an AMAZING trip. I had so much fun and I’m really gonna miss some of these people from my grade! So yeah, that’s it for Goa! 🙂

P.S – Sorry this post is mostly pictures, I feel really unmotivated to write!


6 thoughts on “Goa Diaries ~ Day 6 & 7

  1. No need to apologize for a primarily-photo post. Some blog posts are merely intended to be photo ones, anyway! I enjoyed seeing them, especially the sunset one (gorgeous!). Glad that you had a great time, especially with your friends. Keep us updatd on any other adventures- travel or domestic!

    PS Just curious, but what is considered Goan food?

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