Goa Diaries ~ Day 4 & 5

So basically not much happened on Day 4 and 5 so I’m making a joint post! You can read Day 3 here.

So on Day 4, I woke up at my friend’s hotel where I had stayed the night before at like 11 in the morning with a terrible hangover and then went of to eat breakfast and all I could eat was a muffin cuz I felt like my head would explode. My hangover was so so bad!

Then I just went to the guys room and lay there and chilled cuz all of us were hungover/high! And l like I didn’t know how to deal with the hangover cuz I legit never get one! Or at least never one that is so bad! Then around 2 we headed out to get milkshakes after which I finally started feeling a bit better and then we went back to the place we were staying!

Post that we went to this place for dinner and on the way there Annie and I fought and it got ugly and we haven’t spoken since but I really don’t want to get into all that shit! The dinner was quite good and it was right on the beach which was nice but I was quite exhausted and so we went back quite early, like around 12!

On day 5, most of the people went to this other place to hang out near the pool and stuff and me and this guy friend of mine just stayed at home and chilled and slept and ordered in food and talked and stuff! It was quite chill and I really needed a day off to like replenish my energies and stuff.

Later that night, one of my really close friends and I just sat together in bed and talked almost all night and it was quite amazing. I loved it and I love her!

Anyway, that’s about it and I really don’t have any pictures or anything from either of these days! But yeah, it was nice! šŸ™‚


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