Coconut water

Okay so this is basically a really random coconut water appreciation post!

That is literally one of the most important things that is saving me from getting severely dehydrated this summer cuz like honestly its so fucking hot! It’s like 40 – 45 degrees! Sometimes more! Like what is up with that!?

So I’ve taken to drinking coconut water to save myself! I love it! It’s so tasty and healthy cuz it doesn’t have any added sugars and has a lot of potassium which doesn’t have too many other natural sources so that’s good. I mean bananas have potassium but I don’t really like them.

And like I used to hate it earlier but I love it now! And like I used to see people’s bucket lists with things like “drink from a coconut” and I used to get so confused but then I realized that in other places people have coconut water from like packaged containers or something! Well we always drink straight from the coconut and it’s available literally everywhere. Like on every stress corner and it’s not really expensive so that’s awesome!

Okay I’m done! This post is so random but so important cuz coconut water is amazing!


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