There is nothing wrong with having sex!!

Okay so there is literally nothing wrong with having sex!! And there isn’t anything wrong with not having it either.

I’ll be honest okay. I like sex. A lot. It’s fun. And I’m always careful. I use proper protection, only do it when and if I’m comfortable, I don’t let anyone pressure me into it. And I enjoy it. I have “done it” with different people at different times and I wasn’t dating all of them but that doesn’t give anyone the right to call me a slut!

The other day, I was talking to a couple of friends and one of them knew I wasn’t a virgin and the other one didn’t. So she told the other one and I didn’t mind at all and I basically said something like yeah, I’m not a virgin and sex is fun!

So then the friend who knew went all like she’s all about the sex. And I laughed and I said that “haha yeah maybe” but then a couple of minutes later I said that no, I’m not all about the sex, I am about the relationship angle too! Not that being all about the sex is bad, I just am not. At which my friend said that don’t deny it just to make yourself look good and at this I didn’t say much and then my phone started ringing and I left. But I was just thinking, why would being all about the sex be bad. Like why does one have to deny it to look good!?

Like if you’re all about the sex then okay, that’s your thing. Just be freaking careful and use protection and make sure you’re ready and if you are then cool. Do whatever you want! Also, just make sure you’re comfortable with whom you’re doing it! That’s about it! Having sex with a lot of people doesn’t make you a bad person and no one has the right to call you a slut!

Also, just make sure you’re informed and educated enough about sex related issues before making a decision!

Disclaimer – I’m not propagating the idea that minors should sleep around or saying that everyone should have sex or whatever, this is just my opinion. If I’m being problematic, I mean if this opinion is somehow problematic, tell me cuz I’d like to understand other opinions!


4 thoughts on “There is nothing wrong with having sex!!

  1. I actually really appreciate this post! As someone who lost their virginity at 16 and who always fully embraced sex, I appreciate your openness and honesty about it!!! I have always felt that if you are safe and if you are comfortable, then that is what is important. At 35, I don’t regret the decisions I made regarding sex. I do think that some of those decisions are what have made me so happy to be with one person, stay faithful and happy!

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  2. Honestly, with the population that our country has, the fact that sex is still sort of a taboo in our country is ridiculous! It’s good that you opened about a subject like this. Of course, sex is bad if you’re cheating on someone, but if people are not afraid of doing it, why does talking about it have to be the difficult part?

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