My crush is so cute ahhh

Okay so well for this post I’m going to refer to my crush as R. So R and I were in the same psych class and so like the other day before the psych exam we were studying together in the library and I was like explaining stuff to her and we were just talking and chilling.

And like we talked about university and that we should meet up when we go for the vacation where almost our entire grade goes after exams and all that and it was really sweet! She also talked about how she’d seen my art on Instagram and all that and she talked about how she wants to learn aerial dance and all that and omg she is so cute like honestly!

And then on Monday she was all like thanks for explaining stuff to me on Friday cuz that’s what came for the exam and all that and we were studying together again. And then she asked whether I wanted to go have lunch so I agreed and we went to the lunch hall. So then we were kinda also doing last minute revisions for our exam and also just talking and then she asked if she could share a plate with me and so I said yes and omg my heart was jumping. Well not really but the image of my heart in my head was jumping okay!? So we ate together from the same plate and omg I can’t even describe it okay! Like it’s not a big deal but it is for me! Ahhhhhjh!!!!

Anyway that’s it! And like it’s not even a serious crush or anything. It’s just a fun for now type of thing! So idk she’s amazing and so cute and I’m just all over the place cuz I can’t handle that level of cuteness wtf I’m so giggly I gotta stop now.


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