Life journey and memories

Excuse the crappy title, couldn’t think of anything else, but anyway, I don’t think the post is as crappy as the title so read on!

Sometimes I think that years from now, this blog will be the account of my life that I remember. Sure, my memory probably won’t be terrible and so I’ll remember some things but I’ll look back and read this as a diary of my teenage years (or like till whenever I write here). And like I think that is so cool! I know I could have never managed to keep a diary, I’ve tried and it’s always been unsuccessful and I used to have an intense fear that I would forget everything about my life as I grew older and this is kind of a solution to that!

I put all my random thoughts/feeling/opinions etc down here without having to filter myself and I would really like to remember this. Like I want to know who I was and if I ever need help remembering then I can just read my old posts! And like honestly, you can really see a sort of life journey in my posts. Like when I started this blog I identified as bisexual, that changed over time and I’ve written posts about that. I used to write really sad posts when I was going through terrible times and lately my posts have been slightly happier and this might not be evident to anyone else but it is so important to me! Like my life’s journey is recorded here!

Like I feel like as I keep growing, so does this blog! And I would really like to reflect back on this years from now. Okay now I’m just rambling but yeah I suddenly had this thought/realization and I HAD to write it down! And I have an exam tomorrow morning so I should go back to studying! Almost done with exams btw, only two left! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life journey and memories

  1. That intense fear of forgetting is something I really struggled with too! I wanted to keep a diary for that reason only but never could. Now, at least, we have our blogs to remind us of the good old times:)

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