8/14 and other stuff

So today I’m done with 8 of my 14 exams!!! That’s more than half way through! And it’s been pretty stressful, actually this week is pretty much a week from hell.

On Monday I had history. It went kinda okay. Like we had to write two essays out of which one went kinda well, the other one was okay-ish. Then on Tuesday I had Spanish Paper 1 which was not great and Math paper 1 which was quite good. Then today, I had Spanish paper 2 which went kinda okay and Math paper 2 which was quite good I think.

Then tomorrow I have History paper 3 which is kinda a difficult paper so I have to study a lot and then II have psychology paper 1 on Friday.

Pretty much all week I’ve pulled all nighters! Like studied all night, went and gave exam and then come home and crashed in the afternoon.This kinda messed up sleep schedule really works for me in exam time somehow!

So that’s it about exams. Today, my friends from my previous school had their farewell so I went and helped one of my friends get ready and did her make up and stuff and I met another friend of mine and clicked pictures of them and stuff. Both of them looked so nice in sarees!

A couple of my friends came over to meet Alfie today which was nice! He’s been sick for a couple of days and we took him to the vet who gave him some meds so he’s better now and I’m so relieved!

I just feel like these days my posts have become less meaningful idk. I used to write a lot about how I feel about stuff but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t actually written a lot of stuff I wanna say! I’m going to once exams get over though. I have to study now ugh.


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