Internet friends

I have literally made so many friends since I’ve joined WordPress and tumblr and Instagram. And it’s amazing cuz if it weren’t for the internet, I wouldn’t have ever met these people!

I’ve grown so close to some of my internet friends and I am so grateful for them. But sometimes I wonder, what if something happens to them!?

I mean what if something happens to them and they delete their blog or just stop blogging or whatever. How will I ever know what happened? And that thought kinda scares me! One of my really close friends is a girl I met through tumblr. What if something happens her and I never find out!? God, this post sounds so bad but like it could happen right?

A few people on WordPress itself seem to have stopped blogging or just deleted their sites and I keep wondering what happened to them. All I can say is that I hope they’re all okay and doing good in their lives!

P.S – I especially miss Ambi and also Amy (Every Word You Say). I hope they’re both doing good!


9 thoughts on “Internet friends

  1. I miss Amy so much too, she was my first follower and the first blogger I followed too, we were both just starting out at the same time together. 😦 I don’t unfollow inactive blogs though, because I always hope they will post again someday. And now Ambi is gone so suddenly too. It sucks that we couldn’t say goodbye at the least. But I do hope all of them are doing well. Internet friends can be the best sometimes.

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