LGBT Representation on TV

Sometimes I find myself wanting that ideal life shown on tv, a husband, kinds the whole thing. And that’s so strange cuz I don’t even like guys! Then I kinda realized that it’s not about wanting a husband but more about the whole concept of it cuz that;s the “perfect life”.

I maybe want to get married someday to a woman I love but whenever I think of marriage the whole idea of a husband is what comes to me! I guess it’s partially because that’s what’s been taught and shown to us since a young age.

I mean how many shows or movies do we see where there are LGBT couples living normal lives like we see heterosexual couples living. And yes, I agree that the amount of representation has increased in the past few years but it’s hardly enough! It’s so important to have representation cuz it gives us something to relate to and makes us feel accepted.

And while LGBT representation has increased I still feel like we are shown in very stereotypical roles and not as normal people who live their lives. Somehow being LGBT becomes the only trait of the character!

A while back I read this thing on tumblr but I didn’t think much of it. I clicked a screenshot and then forgot about it but going back to it, I think it’s really important. So here goes –

“Sometimes being gay can be really lonely. Not in the sense that you don’t have friends or anything, but you just feel isolated. The movies aren’t made for you. The music on the radio isn’t made for you. Advertisements aren’t made for you. You feel like everyone is in on some joke and you’re laughing with them but you didn’t get it.”

I couldn’t agree more. I want to see more representation, more things I can relate to. And when I think about other even less represented orientations such as asexuals or pansexuals I feel so much worse for them. Almost every movie showing a relationship puts emphasis on the sex part of it. I can only imagine how that feels for asexual people to have literally no representation. (I am not asexual and hence don’t want to speak on behalf of people who are cuz I do not truly know what it feels like and hence I said I can only ‘imagine’).

But anyway, my point is making good LGBT characters will only help in reducing homophobia and help LGBT individuals who are struggling with their identities and give them something to relate to and feel accepted and good about themselves.


18 thoughts on “LGBT Representation on TV

  1. I definatly think there needs to be more LGBT couples on TV. I always find, when there is an LGBT couple, there is always a problem, they are never just happy, or one of them gets killed off

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  2. My favourite show, Once Upon A Time, has actually just introduced its first LGBT couple, and they received very mixed reviews for it. I don’t see why it is a problem, but for some they see it that way. I think some shows and movies want to add those couples, but they just don’t know how people will react, but people should be able to deal with it. It is the 21st Century!

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    • I understand that cuz they aren’t always well received but I feel like if many shows have LGBT characters it will be accepted. Like if it becomes a common thing then people won’t think it’s “weird” or whatever!


  3. There definitely needs to be more representation, it honestly upsets me that there isn’t accurate representation of us. We are normal, but why is it that they present us as if the fact that we aren’t straight is the central part of a character?

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  4. I absolutely, fully and completely relate to this on a whole other level. I feel the same way when it comes to seeing myself married one day. Although I can’t see myself with a guy at all..just in the instance of marriage, family and a “normal” lifestyle. It is sad. It’s quite sad that it is seared in our minds that a heterosexual relationship is our only choice when it comes close to that.

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