A few days back I wrote a post about how I don’t like the college I’m going to and am not happy with my decision and all that but not anymore. I’ve decided to accept it and be happy with it. And anyway, I’ll get another shot at leaving the country and going abroad to study later. I’ll get a chance to go after that dream but meanwhile I’ve decided to make the best of my current situation.

So this school is basically two hours away from home so that means that I’ll probably come home at least once a month. Mom will probably want me to come home more often though. Initially she wanted me to come home every weekend but then she said she’s okay with every alternate weekend so that’s okay I guess.

School starts on 19th August. So basically 19th and 20th are the move in days. Then we have orientation week during which my birthday falls! The school campus is quite nice. The dorm rooms are a little small but nice and they have windows so that’s cool. Corridor style dorms and centrally air conditioned. Will be sharing the room with one other person and washrooms with the rest of the floor. As far as I’ve heard, it’s pretty hygienic and clean so that’s good. They look nice too.

The teaching is supposed to be great! The teachers are all super qualified (degrees from yale, Harvard, UPenn, columbia etc.) and the classes are supposed to be quite interesting. The courses are pretty interesting too. We have to do a foundation course and then our major. The foundation course has some interesting courses so I’me excited for that.

The food is supposed to be good too! When I went for a visit, I had pasta which was really good. And there is a lot of variety too so that’s good cuz I love food!

The library seems amazing and the infrastructure is quite good. Their swimming pool also just got functional. It’s a relatively new school, juts started a few years ago but it’s well reputed. It’s one of the most international schools here and has ties with many school overseas. And they have the options of doing a semester or a summer abroad so maybe, let’s see.

Basically, I’ve made myself quite excited about it and I’ve started looking forward to it even. This is starting to get exciting. Or at least I’m trying to feel excited about it!


10 thoughts on “College!

  1. (Lemme help you be excited) YES. It sounds amazing! I mean if it has good food then it must be great ;P nah but seriously from what you’ve said it seems like overall a fantastic college!! It’ll be amazing 😀

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