Okay, sorry for screaming but omg I have one week left and so much revision left. SO here is a stupid update on my revision plan.

English – I’m kinda prepared for this one.

Math – 5 chapters left

History – HELP ME!!!

Environmental studies – FML

Psychology – I’m doing okay here

Spanish – Umm, is anyone willing to give me a crash course and teach me stuff in less than a week and help me pass!?

Yes, I know that’s pretty pathetic but oh well. I’ll manage! I might not post too much for a while though idk. Let’s see. Sorry for the shit post. Really wanted to write but I can’t concentrate enough on writing without feeling guilty about not studying!


8 thoughts on “ONE WEEK

  1. It’s ok just try and relax as much as you can. I remember this stage and panicking at this point doesn’t help. Just concentrate on what you find hardest now and make sure you know that results don’t define who you are. They are not the be all and end all 😊

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