I feel awful

I feel awful. I don’t know what to do. I want to talk to my friend but I don’t want to bother her cuz we have exams soon.
I really can’t handle stuff right now and I just want to cut. I’m sorry. I’m sorry this post is so terrible.


15 thoughts on “I feel awful

  1. Dear DayDreamer52,
    Please don’t cut now. I’m begging you to stop. It may be hard but please don’t do that. You aren’t awful. And to let it just out, you are a beautiful person from the inside and I’m sure from the outside too. Love yourself. Live. Enjoy every second of it. Life’s too short to always see the bad things. You gotta see that there are good things too. And that there are many people that care about you. Take care. Bye xx

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  2. Hey hunny, first things first. Do not cut. Never cut again. I know that must sound like the most impossible thing, but trust me. Creating physical pain to cancel out the mental pain will never work. It may feel better for a minute, but cutting and self harm seriously damage your mental health. It is fine to feel sad, it is normal to feel depression. You just have to be strong, and find your positivity. I am so so so sorry this has happened to you, and so sorry that you feel alone. Just know that you are never alone in this world, you have us, you have your family, you have your friends. Things may be fucked up right now, but its only you who can make things better, happier. Even if it feels like you can’t, you can,I know you can. I really hope you are OK, you honestly deserve all the happiness in the world, and it hurts me to see that you are sad, always here if you need to talk❤❤❤

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  3. You friend won’t mind, as a friend she cares about you and is willing to support you or listen to you. And please, please do not cut, I know that’s a really hard thing not to do but I’m just trying to offer some encouragement not to do it. And I know I say it every time but I just want you to remember that I’ll listen if you want to email me whenever. ❤ keep being strong, because you deserve happiness.

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