Okay so even though life has pretty much been kinda dull, I feel like writing an updates post so here goes –

  1. 16 days till finals and 35 days till the end of finals!!! I can’t wait to be done.
  2. I am terrified of writing on group chats. Honestly they are too much stress. I have to proofread my messages a million times and idk it’s all too much but I wrote on a group chat today! I actually spoke to people!
  3. I haven’t cut for almost over a month sort of. Okay so I’ll explain. I promised myself on March 4th that I wouldn’t cut till prom which was on the 7th of April. I couldn’t keep the promise and I cut on 16th March. But then I didn’t again till prom and so that was sort of a month with one relapse. But it’s 15th today and I still haven’t cut and so it’s actually a month from the last time! But I am so desperate to cut I don’t know how I’m managing but I am.
  4. I’ve been watching so many movies when I should actually been studying. I’ve seen about 6 of them in the past couple of days!
  5. I have to make my college decision this weekend!!! I really hope I make the right choice!
  6. So like we had a new year thing yesterday. It’s basically a new year thing of the place I come from sort of. I’m not sure how to explain it. Anyway, we didn’t really celebrate yesterday cuz we were all really busy. Really early in the morning before school, we watched this new year program that comes on TV on the regional channel but that’s it. But today, my grandmother is making this kind of traditional dish that I love for Lunch and I’m quite excited! Only her and me are at home for Lunch so she made something I like but my sis doesn’t! I really love this food actually! It’s basically potatoes cooked with/in poppy seeds idk how else to explain it but it’s delicious!
  7. I haven’t drawn/painted anything since end of January when I submitted my Art portfolio. I literally haven’t even opened my art stuff or anything. I miss it but at the same time I haven’t been in the mood and haven’t had time either. To be honest, this will sound a little stupid but I feel like I’m done. Like I don’t want to draw or paint at all again. Idk.
  8. I’m thinking of making a blog email so I can talk to more people while remaining anonymous. I think I will actually. Maybe this weekend or like soon.

Hmm that’s about it. Pretty dull, I know. I should go study ugh :/


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