Old Friends

Till about grade 5 or 6, I used to hang out with a girl who used to live near me. We used to actually be best friends! We would hang out together every evening and play games and talk and whatever. Then she moved away. Even though she moved within the city, I didn’t have a way of keeping in touch with her at that point. Recently, I found her on Instagram and started talking again.

Through her, I got in touch with another old friend of mine cuz they are now best friends! This other friend I knew till about grade 3 and we used to be best friends back then too.So basically I reconnected with two people I used to really love. And we’ve been talking a bit and like getting to know each other again and reminiscing about stuff.

But then today I found out that my friend (the one I knew in grade 6) is moving away to Australia. And Idk I feel sad. I mean I was just starting to get to know her again and I wish she wasn’t leaving again! I mean this time I have ways to keep in touch and stuff but still. If she was here then we could have met and stuff but we can’t now!

It’s weird cuz we aren’t even that close and it’s affecting me so much idek. I’m too  emotional! I just wish we had reconnected sooner or talked more or something!


7 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. Aww there is always social media. At the end of the day, if your friendship is strong and true. You will still find time to talk over distance, one of my best friends lives far away from me, but I know I can always rely on them no matter the distance ❤

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  2. Like the rest of the responses so far, it’s true. Good friends wont ‘mind’ or be cross if you can’t hang out. They understand. Hanging out is not the reason to be friends. It’s for being comfortable without trying too hard. Not that I need to tell you, you seem to have great friends 🙂

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