Finals in 20 days!

Counting today I have 20 days left till my finals. So I guess that means that I should start studying now. Especially cuz I didn’t study too much for the mocks and didn’t do very well!

But see the problem is, I have already had my graduation ceremony, we don’t have to go to school anymore as we have study leave, and I already have my college offers and so consequently, I have no motivation to study for my finals! Literally, I just need to pass and get my diploma! But I have to score well for myself cuz I would be so disappointed if I don’t. So I guess I just have to get down to it and study and do my best!

I’m making a schedule today and I’m getting down to it. I’ve consistently done well in English so I’m not too worried about that. I’ll do okay in psychology also I think. The other subjects which are math, history, Spanish and Environmental studies are more difficult for me and I need to really study a lot for them.

I should probably actually be studying now instead of just writing about studying but I know that’s not going to happen right now and I’m probably gonna just watch TV for an hour or so and so it’s better that I’m blogging!

So my finals start on May 2 and end on May 20th. And on May 23rd I leave for a vacation to a beachy place with my friends and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I’m going for about 6 days and I’m so excited. It took me a lot of begging and pleading for my mom to even give me permission but now that she has,  I can’t wait. I just want finals to be over already! And this trip is kind of like a tradition in our school. Every year the graduating class goes to this same place for a vacation after finals!

Okay now I’m just rambling. Gotta stop now and study!! (Or maybe watch a million videos and do Buzzfeed quizzes and watch random movies like letters to Juliet and Juno)


9 thoughts on “Finals in 20 days!

  1. Ugh I can wait for this school year to end already so I can do fun stuff. I have a writing class Iḿ going to participate in in the summer thatś I´m excited for.
    I hope your studying goes well. And the getaway with your friends sounds really good.
    stay motivated and it might come sooner than you think!

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