Graduation #9 // The ceremony

So I had my graduation ceremony yesterday night and it went quite well. It started with my entire batch entering the stage with the teachers for like a photograph. After that all of us went and sat down and the program started. First came the special awards for exceptional performance in school and quite of my friends got them and I was so proud and I clapped so much. The Valedictorian award was also announced which my friend SG got and then she gave a speech which was amazing and I clapped so much!

Then there were a few performances. Basically people sang some songs. Then the diploma distribution started. The first 50 people got diplomas and then there were a few more performances. My friend Kaii did a monologue which was amazing! Then the next 50 people got their diplomas including me and I am proud to report that I went up to the stage and got my diploma and walked away quite gracefully without tripping or falling or dropping my cap or anything! I also got an excellence award for World Religions at which I was quite proud.

Following this there were some more performances and then the last 50 people got their diplomas. The entire ceremony was very nice even though it was quite hot and I was wearing a silk Saree! Then the entire batch went up to the stage and our principal gave a speech. At the end of the speech we flipped our tassels and the song we are the champions was sung. And then we threw our caps in the air which was a lot of fun!

After that we just went and hugged and congratulated each other on making it and then I met my family who came for the ceremony.

Honestly, that wasn’t very good cuz mom was on the phone and sis didn’t even congratulate me and they didn’t even want to stay for dinner and so I ended up coming home and making maggi for dinner for me and my sis and my mom just slept off and didn’t even get a picture. But it’s okay. Cuz I’m gonna focus on the positives.

Anyway, if you wanna see pictures of grad you can see them on my Instagram here.


7 thoughts on “Graduation #9 // The ceremony

  1. Congratulations on graduation! Indeed, it’s always a huge milestone in one’s young life. I wish you nothing but happiness and hope for what’s to happen in the months ahead. Until then…celebrate! You deserve it. 🙂

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