Graduation #7

I graduate today and I’m actually writing this while I’m getting my hair done for the ceremony. Our cap and gowns are purple in colour. The song they sing while we flip our tassels and throw our caps is we are the champions which is pretty great. It’s all very exciting but also quite unbelievable.

Have been waiting for this day forever, praying for its quick delivery but now that it’s here, I can’t believe it!

It’ll be the last time I’m seeing some people except for when we’ll probably meet a little between our final exams in May. I’ll meet some other people a few more times before I leave but I still have a few things to say to people and I’m just going to write them here right now.

Shivz – I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. You’re like a ray of sunshine. Always happy and sometimes nauseatingly bubbly but I love you nevertheless. You’re there for me whenever and you actually understand. And sometimes I wish you didn’t have to cuz if you do then that means you’ve been there and I hate that but I love that you’ve come out stronger. You’re an amazing writer and I hope to read a book written by you some day. I love you.

Mousey – You are so cute! And of course, I’m never gonna forget the first history class where you came to find me and all that. I am so grateful for that cuz I was so scared. You’re an amazing person, you’re so candid and I can actually trust you to get an honest opinion about things from you. When you don’t like something you say it and I love that about you! You’re easy to talk to and thanks for tolerating me! I love you and I’m going to miss you so much!

Kaii – Well i think you already know this but I really didn’t like you initially. I thought you had too much attitude. But as I got to know you, I grew so fond of you. You were pretty much the one person who would say hi to me in school in the corridors and stuff when I literally did not have friends! Thank you so much for that! Thanks for cheering me up in bad times and being around, especially im history class! And you’re the one person who notices and talks to me in lunch and asks if I’m alright when I’m not eating and all that. And thank you for checking up on me the next day when I say I’ve had a terrible night. You’re such an amazing person and I’m so proud of you. Love you!

Annie – I don’t have much to say except thanks for sticking by when things got rough. Sorry I’ve been a bitch so many times.

Shaz and PB – thank you for making me laugh at the stupidest things ever. I kinda forget about all my problems and stuff when I’m with you guys and thank you for that!

Kay – I don’t know why but I feel like I connect with you! English class wouldn’t be the same without you. Okay I’m gonna write you a letter so I’ll probably say everything in that! I’ll miss you so much!

I have a few other people to mention but I’ll make another post about them so this is it for now.

I’m graduating today. It feels so unreal!!! Omg I’m starting to freak out!!! Wish me luck! And hope I don’t trip and fall on stage pls.


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