Graduation #6//Gratitude and Scribble day

So today we had Gratitude day and Scribble day in school! It was quite fun!

The gratitude day was basically about expressing our gratitude to our teachers for being wonderful.

I’m really gonna take a moment to mention how amazing some of my teachers are. My English teacher and History teacher have taught me so much, inside and outside the classroom. My English teacher has helped me through so much, I don’t know how I’ll ever repay her for all her help. My other teachers have also been amazing and I am so grateful even though I’ve hated them at times for driving us really hard to finish our work. I honestly do appreciate it.

A lot of the student spoke a few words and some teachers spoke also and it was really nice. We also got really good food and clicked a lot of pictures with our teachers.

Then we celebrated scribble day which is basically that we write notes on each other’s clothes with a marker. Memories, wishes whatever. So basically, our entire tee shirts get covered and it’s awesome! I got some really nice stuff written on my shirt. I really like what my ex-crush wrote on me. And my current crush too. I got all crush like tingly when I read both.

Today was overall a very nice and chill day. The last day of school ever. We all just hung out and talked and had fun! It was quite nice. I wasn’t in the best state of mind but I tried my best.



2 thoughts on “Graduation #6//Gratitude and Scribble day

  1. Dear DayDreamer52,
    You can be so proud of yourself. You got it. And that was torture in some ways. I know that I’ve never seen you and that I probably never will bit I am proud of you. And I’d appreciate it if others that read that respect my writing even though it may sound crazy. Be proud. You are a good human with a big heart. And that is a gift. The gift of being able to feel and take people just with all their faults and flaws. That’s impressive. Wow. Okay. Bye and please enjoy that. Graduation will be super. Or I think that. I haven’t graduated yet. Well still 3 years to go. Wow. Bye


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