Graduation #5 // Prom!!!

Prom night was so good! I literally had so much fun! I went in with a few friends of mine. Upon entering we voted for prom king and queen. Then we just hung out with different people, socialized a lot.

After that I went to get something to drink with some friends. Got a lot of compliments on my dress and hair and everything. In fact everyone looked so pretty. Especially crush. She is so beautiful omg. Then they announced prom king and queen and it was really cool. They got sashes and crowns and stuff. Then we cut a cake which I didn’t end up eating.

After that the king and queen started the first slow dance and we all joined. I really wanted to slow dance and so I asked a friend and she said yes so that was cool! I actually didn’t end up eating at all. I guess I was too excited. Danced a lot!

Was wearing heels so by the end of the day my feet started hurting like a bitch. But overall the evening was good. However, the night that followed was terrible but I don’t want to get into that shit right now. Gonna focus on the positives. Oh and if you guys wanna see pics, here is my personal Instagram account so you can see them there! 🙂


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