Graduation #4 // Prom

So tonight is my Senior Prom. I have literally dreamer about this for so ling and it’s finally here!! So here is a checklist of the things I need to do/take –

Prom ticket 
Camera I have to remember to take this! 
Prom Dress
Hairstyle I know what I’m going to do, I just need to do it! 
Makeup I am going to have to get my mom to do my makeup cuz I’m pretty bad at it! 
Paint my nails I don’t know what colour I should do cuz like my dress is blue but I’m thinking that i should paint my nails black idk. 

So my dress is basically a really dark blue colour. I’m wearing black heels with that. I’m going to let my hair down after I get in Blow-dried. I’m also going to put this silver coloured shiny comb thing in my hair! I’m pretty happy with my whole dress and things. (I’ll maybe post a picture later)

The plan is that we are going to meet at a friend’s place and then go together from there. The event starts at 6. We got out tickets a few days back so that’s cool. I’m quite excited!! My shoes are new so I’m just hoping I don’t have a problem but the rest should be good!

My date is really cute and very nice so I’m happy about that too and also I can’t wait to see my crush. My date is not my crush btw. My date is just a friend so it’s a friend date and I can’t wait to see my crush. She’s going to look so beautiful! Anyway, I’m so excited. I just hope I’m not disappointed! 🙂




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