Graduation #3

My friend is Valedictorian!!! That is so so amazing! She totally deserves it and I was hoping it would be her. In fact I kinda guessed it would be her and I’m so happy it’s her. I hope she’s happy about it too! She has to give a speech on grad and I’m so looking forward to it and I’m going to clap so much! AHHH I’m excited!

Okay, moving on, Grad is 2 days away! Literally 2 days! I can’t wait. Omg I’ve been kinda worried about a really stupid thing. We have to wear a Saree and I’m also wearing heels. And I’m so scared that I’ll trip and fall and embarrass myself! I’m hoping and praying that that doesn’t happen!

I have prom tonight and so I’m going to write a post about that and one more grad related post today or at least I’m going to try to!


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