Graduation #2

Today we started practice for graduation day which is on Saturday. We also got our cap and gown. They’re purple and quite nice!

So the whole grade enters the stage from different sides in lines and I am the first one in my line and my line is the first one that enters and that’s so scary! Also cuz we have to stand on the bench types things and I’m going to be in heels omg I really hope I don’t trip and fall! And today, the teachers kept saying my name cuz they were announcing things about lines and stuff like that, it was quite embarrassing! Anyway, that’s that. I can’t wait for the actual event!

Today after school my friends asked if I wanted to go watch a movie and my mom somehow gave me permission and so I went and it was awesome. I loved the movies and also hanging out with friends cuz like we’re graduating soon!!! Yeah, I’m actually too distracted to write more right now. I’ll post another graduation post tonight or at least I’ll try to!


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