One Month!

About a month back, in the beginning of March, I made myself a promise to not cut. To not cut until at least prom cuz I didn’t want any fresh scars. I can’t do much about the old ones but I didn’t want any new ones. It’s been a month and prom is in three days and I’ve almost kept my promise.

I say almost cuz I cut once in between around the 16th. And I know so officially it isn’t really a month but I’m still going to take it as an achievement cuz going from cutting once in two days to once in a month is a huge deal for me! I’m a little proud of me but I keep feeling like I’m going to fuck it all up and cut again and if I do it again then idk how to stop again so I’m just hoping I don’t mess up and manage to stay okay. But for now, I’m happy so it’s okay.


18 thoughts on “One Month!

  1. I think you should set yourself to little goals like this more often. You’ll be glad to know how strong your control is 🙂


  2. It’s a wonderful achievement, you should of course be proud of this. Setting these goals is good for you, I think, and acknowledging/being proud of achieving them is so important

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  3. You should be proud of yourself. Pat yourself on your back yes. Don’t you worry, you will do just fine and setting these tiny goals will help you achieve the big goal in future. You can do it!

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