Graduation #1

So in exactly a week from today, I have my high school graduation ceremony. And I honestly cannot believe that it’s finally here! I have been waiting for this day so impatiently, marking off days from my calendar and counting down to grad and now it’s here and I cant believe it! Honestly, I’m a sentimental piece of shit and the idea of our impending graduation has me feeling all happy and sad and a million other emotions at the same time!!

I have on countless occasions cribbed about how my school is really shitty and I hate it and I hate the people and that is partially true but I also do love my school and yeah, I don’t like many people but I love my friends. And I’m definitely going to miss being with them. There are so many people that I’ve only gotten to know in the past few months and I wish I had started talking to them sooner so we would have more time but I’m still happy that I met them. Oh goodness, I have so much to say but my thoughts are so jumbled up its all coming out a mess!

I have so many people to thank for me making it through the two years. Teachers, friends, people I no longer talk to but once were a significant part of my school life, even some people who I hardly talk to but have inspired me to be better.

The first time I went to visit this school was on January 2nd. I literally thought I was lost on the way cuz like my school is literally in the middle of nowhere, on top of a hill. But I finally arrived and had an interaction with the admissions teacher and then went for a tour of the school and omg I was awestruck. I had literally never seen a school that beautiful! I was in love with it and I think that was literally the moment when all three of us, me, my mom and my sister decided that this is where we wanted to go! I didn’t want to change schools cuz I had made friends in my previous school and I was in grade 11 and I was quite apprehensive about the change. But anyway, first day of classes, I was so scared and everything seemed so daunting, the school itself seemed to huge and easy to get lost in. Slowly but surely I found my place here and I was just walking through school the other day and I was standing at this place where you first enter and see the fountain/pond from and it suddenly didn’t feel so scary anymore and I realized that I had done it! I survived my two years here and I’m about to graduate in a week!

Anyway, I intend to write thank you notes to certain people and write posts about some important memories and also about things I want to tell certain people but I probably wont and other random graduation stuff like that through this week so that should be fun! I’m so excited and happy to be graduating yet kinda sad cuz a huge part of my life is almost over and idk I guess I’m also kinda confused cuz I don’t really know what’s going to happen and where I’m going to end up in the next few months. It’s scary but still very exciting!



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