My body, my clothing choices

So today I had my psychology exam at around 12 in the afternoon but I went to school early in the morning at 8 and was sitting in the atrium and studying minding my own business and there weren’t too many people around and it was nice and quiet. A little while later, a bunch of guys came and sat there talking in really loud volumes. I ignored them cuz I’m good at that but I couldn’t help but overhear some of the crap they were saying.

Suddenly, I don’t know the entire context but they were talking about girls wearing crop tops and commenting on random shit like that. And then suddenly one of the guys kinda pointed at me and said imagine her wearing a crop top and laughed while another guys sitting there pretended to puke at the thought. He didn’t realize that I over heard but another guy there did and he kinda looked at me and then just went away, That guy’s girlfriend who was there also realized and she said that I overheard and then the guy said if she overhead that then I’m sorry and she can overhear my apology too. At this point, I was really  upset/angry and I packed up my books, put my bag in my locker and left and went to sit on the other side of the atrium.

Now, the truth is that I know I’m not the prettiest girl around and I know I’m fat and I personally actually would not wear a crop top cuz I’m too conscious but that does not give anyone the right to comment on my body or my clothing choices ever! Those are my personal decisions and if I wanted to wear a crop top, I know that I could pull one off and look damn cute tbh. But the whole thing about him being okay with commenting like that on someone else angered me so much. People do not dress up for other people’s benefit and I definitely don’t need any validation from him or anyone regarding whether or not I can wear certain clothes. And honestly, this comment says more about him then it does about me. In my opinion he’s an asshole to say something like this and he has no sense of respect for others which is really shitty.

I don’t care what my size and if I feel like wearing a crop top or leggings or booty shorts or whatever that apparently only thin girls can wear (according to guys cuz we obviously dress for there benefit) then I will. My body, my clothing choices and no one has the right to make me feel bad about that!


18 thoughts on “My body, my clothing choices

  1. What an asshole. I’m sorry that you had to go through crap like that. Boys (even girls) can be terrible; while it can be incredibly painful to ignore and not say anything, making sure that it does not get to you is the best way to cope. *hugs*

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  2. What assholes!!! I’m glad you didn’t let them bring your confidence down because you just slayed that! 😀 I really do hate how people judge you according to the clothes you wear. It’s our bodies, we choose what we do with it! It’s what you feel comfortable in!

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