Life stuff.

So life has been hectic, really hectic and I have hardly blogged in the past few days. Like I’m posting after 5 days so yeah I’ve been busy. And I really kinda like writing these update posts cuz it’s a way for me to record all the events in my life. So here goes –

  1. My exams have been going on. Even though I am currently on mid term break, I have been studying/working a lot. I already finished 5 of my exams – 2 English papers, 2 Spanish papers and 1 environmental studies paper. After this short break I have 9 more exams to go. 3 psychology papers, 3 history papers, 2 math papers and 1 more environmental studies paper. SO yeah it’s a lot of work and I’m tired. Very tired of studying and I’m so over school!
  2. I STILL haven’t finished my History assignment but I am definitely going to finish it today. Only a little bit is left.
  3. I gave my prom dress to the tailor finally and I like the design a lot and I hope it turns out really nice! I also bought a nice new black color blouse for my Saree for graduation night. I still haven’t actually decided which Saree I want to wear. I think I’m either going to wear a black Saree or a purple one but Idk I’m not sure yet. I love wearing Sarees so let’s see!
  4. I went to this really nice little bookstore the other day. It was this tiny round thing full of books. My mom used to go there back in her college days and surprisingly the shopkeeper recognized her even though she hadn’t gone there for almost 20 yrs! I loved the place so much and I ended up buying 5 books!                             
  5. I applied to 12 colleges in total. It might be a little much but I was so terrified that I wasn’t going to get in so I applied to a lot of schools! So out of that 11 of them were in the U.S. and one in my own country. So out of that I got into 10 schools, got rejected from 1 and I’m still waiting to here back from 1. And out of the 10 schools, I got scholarships from 7 of them so I’m quite happy about that. I really want to go to the one if the colleges in the U.S. but I don’t know if that’s possible because they are a bit expensive and my mom doesn’t want me to go so I might end up in the one in my own country which I don’t really want to be in but if i have to then I will and I will make myself happy here. So anyway, let’s see what happens! 🙂
  6. I’ve been really like in a weird mood. And like idk, angry at how shitty things are and just annoyed with shit. So that’s kinda why I haven’t been blogging cuz I didn’t want to write a negative post and I also wasn’t really feeling up to talking to anyone about it cuz like just feeling weird. And then finally a couple of days back I finally talked to my friend and she was so nice and encouraging and she said all these things about how I’m a really strong person and I can get through this shit and I should fight to make my dreams work and all that and I actually felt a lot better after it so that’s good.
  7. I suddenly feel sad but I’ll find a way to make myself feel happy again. Or I should just force myself to study again.

Sorry, this post is shit ugh.


14 thoughts on “Life stuff.

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re busy; senior year’s always a crazy time, especially in the second half with final exams and college decisions. I wish you well in everything- I do hope that you can go to school in the United States, as you’ve always talked about going to places like New York. Whether or not you go this fall or sometime down the line, traveling outside of the country is a fantastic experience. Take care!

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  2. 10 colleges! That’s really cool! Congrats. I hope you get to go where you want. Your prom dress will certainly turn out to be smashing, so don’t worry about it. I am interested in which field you’ve applied for, though.
    Lastly, I’m sure you’ll rock that Saree on your graduation day!
    Take care.

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  3. That’s a really busy schedule, I can understand, I saw my sister studying like that last year and it terrified me. Really. xD
    Anyways, good luck with your exams!
    I hope you make it to United States. 😉

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