A lot has happened over the past few days and so here goes.

1. I got into art school!! I got into an art school in Chicago. I actually only applied to one art school and I didn’t think I’d get in but I applied anyway cuz I didn’t want to regret not applying later and I heard back last night and I got in!! I’m so happy about this. Like I almost can’t believe it! And I also got a $21k scholarship so like 5-6k a year! That’s not a lot but it’s something! So yeah, this is good. It also helps me believe that fact that I’m good at art and like believe that I can do it!
2. I bought cloth material for my prom dress today. I went to this market in a neighboring city where you only get cloth material and it was so cool! I bought two pieces, one red and one blue. I’m trying to design my dress now and then I’ll finally decide which one to use.
3. I got stuck in traffic for over 4hrs yesterday on the way back from school. It was horrible. There were some protests and riots happening in my city and so many roads were blocked and there was traffic everywhere!
4. I haven’t self harmed for almost two weeks.
5. I’m trying to get over all the crap with my mother cuz I feel like I can’t let everything she says affect me so much. 6. I’m trying to make myself better. I’m trying to eat better and sleep better and just work on myself. So that way I can go to college in a better state of mind.
7. I made a friend throughout tumblr a while back and then we also connected on other social media. She seemed to be a really nice girl and we talked a lot and it was all cool. Then one day just before Christmas, she posted a picture on instagram wearing a sweater that said OCD: obsessive Christmas Disorder. I didn’t know what to do and so I ignored it. Then she put that as her display on whatsapp and so I decided to talk to her about it and I messaged her and explained how it was very offensive and all that. She apologized a lot and she said she didn’t even realise it was offensive and took it down immediately. So I guess that was good and I think that this is the reason we need more awareness about these issues cuz a lot of people don’t even understand such problems!
8. I have tennis class tomorrow and I’m dreading it. :/

Anyway, that’s all for now! Let me know what going on with you guys in the comments! πŸ™‚


42 thoughts on “Updates!!!

  1. Congratulations on art school! And well done on not self harming, that’s a huge achievemnt, you deserve to be self harm free! We’re always here for you. And also well done on telling your internet friend about the OCD thing it takes a lot of courage to confront people about what you think is right and it’s brilliant that she learnt about how that’s actually really offensive and she can now pass on her knowledge to other people. Go you!

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  2. Art school?! That’s amazing! And scholarships, wow! You really deserved it. And yeah, the friend from Tumblr most likely wasn’t aware of the mental illness connotation, but it was good that she realized her blunder and took the photo down. More power to mental awareness! πŸ™‚

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  3. YAY congrats on getting into art school! Are you making your own dress or just the design? Also good on you for not self harming and good luck continuing to better yourself πŸ™‚

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