I think I’m writing much less these days. Actually, no, I think I’m blogging much less. I am writing quite a bit. I keep writing on random pages in my notebooks and I’ve written about 12 pages of random thoughts in the past few days!

I start writing so many posts but half way through I lose heart and abandon them. I was going to write one yesterday about the really pleasant Valentine’s day I had and I’ve thought about writing about all the things going on in my life, with my mom and everything but everything I write seems so sad that I don’t feel like posting it. I think I might post another one today but I don’t know.

I just feel that everything I have to say is so sad and pathetic and I don’t want to seem negative or attention seeking so I don’t even know. I love to write but I guess I don’t love what I’m writing these days. Blogging really helps me and so I think I just have to convince myself to post because I do feel better after posting so I should just do it, I guess.

Yeah, this post is pretty directionless, I don’t even know what I’m saying so I’ll stop now! I’ll probably post again very soon. Oh and I’m sorry I haven’t done any of the awards lately, I do appreciate all the nominations and I’m going to try to do them very soon.


10 thoughts on “Writing

  1. This Is why I’m taking a break because no matter what I write I abandoned it after a short period of time and I felt like nobody wanted to hear about my life because I was going through a really tough and sad time but I realized that that how I’ll grow as a person and it was my blog and I could do anything I wanted .
    So if you want it ,my advise is to start .just write and see where it goes and if feel like you can’t continue just take a break and come back to it when you feel. Also don’t feel pressured to post all the time ,only post when you’re inspired and if you’re stuck for now ,its okay . It’s only temporarily .
    I know this is long but I also saw that you feel better if you post and I know how that feels because writing is therapeutic for me but I find sometimes thoughts only belong in my head because it’s one of those things where You feel it but can’t explain.
    I know this was useless but I hope whatever is going on in your life. It gets better 🙂

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  2. I think you should just continue to blog about whatever you want; you’re not attention-seeking at all, and blogging is a great outlet for you to let everything out. We’re always here for you! 🙂


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