A difficult choice

Today I had to make a choice. A difficult one, as the title suggests.

Basically, my dad’s mother so my grandmother called me up this evening. And let me give a little background here, I only ever talk to her once a year on my birthday when she calls and sometimes not even then. I’m not in touch with anyone from my dad’s side of the family and yeah I haven’t spoken properly to my dad or any of his family in 9 years.

So anyway, today evening she called me up saying my grandfather is in the hospital in a serious condition and that he is going to have an open heart surgery tomorrow morning and he wants to talk to me. I didn’t know what to do so I just put my mother on the phone. They spoke and mom found out that he is in a really bad condition and has a brain clot and heart stuff and he might not make it through the surgery and he really wants to talk to me.

So my mom gave me the choice whether I want to talk to him or not and I said I didn’t. So mom called him up to talk herself and she said that apparently he seemed quite sad and he really wanted to talk to me so my mom just told him that I was out and might call when I get home. So he asked whether I didn’t want to talk to him and so mom just said she can’t say.

So finally, I ended up not talking to him after all. And like Idk, he might die tomorrow and I don’t know, will I regret this? I hope I don’t cuz I honestly did not want to talk to him. So I’m just hoping I made the right decision for myself.


14 thoughts on “A difficult choice

  1. It was your choice and we don’t really have the right to say whether it was right or wrong, it was up to you and I respect your choice. Don’t spend your time regretting

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