Today was okay

I was dreading school so much today. I really really did not want to go. I had a really bad night and I was feeling really shitty. And also, one of my friend’s wasn’t coming and like she’s one of the people I actually like hanging out with and so I was just yeah, dreading school. But then I went anyway.

First lesson was math in which I basically kept zoning out and not real;y hearing what my teacher was saying. I also ended up writing some crappy poetry! Then I bunked the next two lessons to work on one of my essays. So I worked for the first lesson and then I was just hanging around in the next lesson. And idk, I just started crying really badly. Some stuff has been happening over the past few days, I don’t really want to get into details but yeah I started crying again. So then I just went to the restroom and washed my face and calmed myself down and by this time break started. I went and met my friend Mousey and she asked me whether I had been crying and I said I wasn’t! (Mousey, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to bother you.)

Then I bunked the next two lessons to work on my essay as well so that was kinda okay. I had English after that and I always like English lessons so that was good. This was followed by lunch which was okay but my mood was pretty bad. And then I had another math lesson which was free so I took a very short nap. After that I had history and Mousey’s in my class and so I met her and she asked if I was okay and I said I wasn’t and so she gave me a hug and told me some random jokes so that was nice.

Yeah, but the point of this really weird and random post is that today wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t very bad. I managed the entire day by myself, and I didn’t have a major breakdown. Which is kinda an improvement for me. So yeah, I know this post is pretty pointless but I’m just trying to make this day feel positive or something.


13 thoughts on “Today was okay

  1. Dear DayDreamer52,
    I’m so glad that you’re doing better. This is an improvement and it’s good. It’s a thing. You’ll do better in the next time and if not don’t stress yourself out. This is so important. You are wonderful and have a great heart, don’t ever forget that. And it’s okay to cry, it’s even important because you can let your feelings go and you don’t eat it into yourself. And do go to School and do things that are keeping you in life. And from reading much of you I’d assume that Mousey is someone near you and I’m sure that she’s someone who is there for you. This is again something important be with friends or just one friend. Well I am here if you need me at anytime. But yeah it’s going to be alright. Bye πŸ™‚

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