Q&A post!

Hey! Sorry it took me so long to actually write this post but life got really busy in between! So anyway, thanks for all the questions and I tried to answer them the best I could but honestly my answers are pretty lame!


What quality is most important in a friend?

I guess the most important quality to me is that my friends shouldn’t be judgmental and should be open minded and understanding.
What’s a new skill you want to learn at some point?
I don’t know if this counts as a skill but I would love to learn another language. Or maybe learn to play the piano. I’ve always wanted to learn that. I used to play a little earlier but I don’t think I can anymore.


Do you prefer the hot or cold weather?
I think that kind of depends on my mood and how I’m feeling. I enjoy some things about the hot weather such as ice cream and wearing shorts but I also like cold wintry cuddling in the blanket weather.


 What do you do to make you feel happy?
Um listening to music and painting or talking to my friends always makes me happy. And writing and blogging too.

If you could, what’s one thing you would change about your life?

I’m not really sure if I want to change anything cuz like as cliche as it sounds, everything in my life has made me who I am but if I have to I’ll probably try to be more happy or positive I guess.


What’s the happiest memory you can think of?
I don’t have a happiest memory. It keeps changing tbh. Most memories with my friends I have are usually really great even if it’s us just sitting in lunch hall doing nothing. I went to a party recently which was quite fun. I hung out with a lot of people for the first time so that was nice.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

Maybe a puppy or a penguin cuz they are really cute! Or maybe an owl cuz firstly, Hedwig; secondly, I read somewhere that an owl is considered “the oracle of ancient secrets” which is pretty cool and lastly, I have a tendency to stay up at night a lot, so yeah.

Why did you choose to blog instead of, say, write a diary?
Honestly, I’ve tried keeping a diary many times before but it never works out. Cuz I feel like what even is the point. If I write a blog then I feel like someone is at least hearing or reading what I’m reading. I used to always feel like I’m not heard and I can’t make people understand me cuz my speaking skills aren’t great and so this is a good alternative.


If you could invite three people round for a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you invite?

Can I please invite fictional characters!? It would probably be Alaska from looking for Alaska, Charlie from Perks of being a Wallflower, and Luna from Harry potter.


What’s the first novel you read? Is it good or bad?
Umm the first novel I read when I was a kid was a secret seven book I think. It was way back when I was a kid and I really enjoyed it and I went ahead to read the entire series!

The Finicky Cynic

Who is someone you look up to? What makes him/her amazing? 

I do look up to my mom a lot cuz she’s been through a lot but she’s still so strong. Also, I really look up to my English teacher. She is such an amazing person and has helped me a lot. And honestly this list will get so long if I try to name everyone but quite a few of my friends on this list.

If you could go to New York, what would you choose to do/see/eat?

Everything possible. Apparently there are some really good art, music and book stores so definitely all of those. Empire state building, the skyline, times square even though it’s a little touristy and Coney Island. And I’m going to eat so much food especially bagels and pizza!

If you plan to go to college, where would you go, and what would you plan to study?
Well I am planning to go to college this year and I’ve applied to a few places in the US and India. So it depends on where I get in but I’d love to go to the states. And I want to study English but I’m applying for psychology as my first preference and English as my second.

What other places in the United States (or other parts of the world) would you like to visit? 

I love to travel so all of the United States or at least as much as possible! LA, Washington DC, Seattle, Philly, and okay I don’t know too many places but everything I can possibly see.

How long have you liked girls/questioned your sexuality?

I think it started around the end of 8th grade but I was all like I can’t think about this right now and literally ignored it till the end of grade 10. Then like in grade 11, I started thinking and soon enough I was like yeah, I’m pretty sure I like girls!

That’s all for now! Thank you for all the questions, I had fun answering them! 🙂

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  1. Day Dreamer, I have a question–May I plz interview you for my blog? Starting this week, I am going to be doing interviews with bloggers. All I am gonna do is ask a few questions via email, then post on my blog.

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