Things to do

I have to do a few things before school starts in a couple of days
1. Wash Hair
2. Complete 3 essays
3. Make another pAinting. Okay this is not happening before school starts, I have no time! 
4. Do something nice to not make me feel like shit. Maybe like just listen to a lot of music or Idk. I have to figure This one out.  I watched a really nice movie. 
5. Finish college stuff. Financial aid forms and a couple of college forms that are left.
6. Sleep a lot. Like sleep in anticipation that I won’t get to sleep a lot when school starts.
7. Write more. I have to so many things I have to say, I just haven’t gotten around to writing them down.

Yeah, that’s all I can remember right now and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do all of it but I have to try.


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