Late night thoughts

Not being able to talk to people who I used to talk to everyday and about everything is weird. Like I kinda have friends but I don’t feel like I can talk to most of them. And that’s my fault. I started this. I started this whole thing about isolating myself from people and I still want to go ahead and do it, it’s just a bit difficult. But I can do it.

It’s just that on nights like these, I could really do with a friend. I really want to talk to my friends but then I can’t. Cuz everyone has a life and they’re busy with their own stuff. And yeah, I have online friends I can talk to, but they’re something different about talking to people who know you in real life.

Today’s just been a difficult day. And I don’t feel too good right now. And I really wish I could talk to my friends but then again I can’t complain because I started this.


10 thoughts on “Late night thoughts

  1. You will have good days. AND difficult days. But there are people for you to talk to. I get that speaking to an online person isn’t the same, but I AM always here for you. Why don’t you try reaching out to your friends? I bet they wouldn’t mind.

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  2. My situation is similar to yours. I also isolated myself from others – deactivated social media accounts, changed phone numbers, etc. However, not everyone wants to be out of my life and I think those few are truly the ones I should keep.

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  3. If you want to talk to your friends then talk to them. The ones who are worth it will listen and just accept that you needed some alone time. You say that you want a friend to talk to at night, and you say it a lot. But how is anybody ever going to talk to you if you don’t let them? If you isolate yourself then I’m afraid it’s quite unlikely you’ll have someone listening to you. If you don’t tell them about what’s happening, how would they know? Just try talking to a friend. Pick one friend who you can trust, and go to them. Just try it. And if, by some minuscule chance, all else fails, then please don’t forget that we are always here for you. x

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  4. I think we all feel a little alone sometimes, I think the only remedy for it is looking around ourselves and realising how much positivity and love is actually out there. I do the exact same thing, isolate myself from people, it is just the matter of realising we are never truly alone. I hope you are OK, I love your blog, followed you 🙂 🙂

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