Taking a break?

I think I might stop writing for a bit. I love to write and I love to blog but every time I write a negative or sad post I feel so bad and guilty about it. Like I didn’t start this blog to spread negativity. I wanted it to be a nice place to be in and I’m not sure if it’s turning out that way.

Honestly, everything’s just so overwhelming right now and I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. And like I’m not talking to most of my friends and I don’t feel up to doing anything so I don’t know. If I feel up to writing then I will but I don’t know if I will.


10 thoughts on “Taking a break?

  1. That’s okay! Come back when you want. I know it’s a overused quote but ‘do what makes you happy’ because what is the point in life you don’t? Take a break if it makes you happier, talk if it makes you happier, don’t talk if it makes you happier, go for a walk if it makes you happier, watch TV if it makes you happier, because happiness may seem far away but it may be closer than you think. Never lose hope, things change and it won’t always be like this ❤

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  2. Take your time for yourself, and try and get into a better place. 🙂 Everyone needs time for theirselves and time to gather their own thoughts. Sometimes it is easier to do that than to continue doing what you’re doing, and feeling more overwhelmed. Smile, and try to relax. 🙂

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  3. If you want to stop for a while, then do. Blogging should never feel like a pressure or like you’re upset with what you’re uploading, so take a break to help to, then come back again, and we’ll still be here for you!

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  4. It’s okay if you want to take a break. But just don’t feel so guilty about writing negative posts. This is your blog and for all you know, some other people somewhere could be reading this and being comforted in the realisation that others are going through the same thing. Anyways no pressure, just take your time to decide. Blogging shouldn’t be a pressure and you should be satisfied with what you’re uploading so yeah. And if you do take a break remember I will still be there to chat. 🙂 x

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  5. We don’t mind your posts AT ALL.it’s your blog and you have the right to post what you want to. But then again, it’s your wish and completely up to you. But please, don’t ever think you’re troubling us. Your blog is amazing ❤️


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