I’m really bad at thinking of titles

Okay, sorry excuse my lame af title, I just can’t think of anything else right now.

So I think I have a self sabotaging streak. See the thing is, I know that going out and hanging out with friends will ultimately probably make me feel better, but every time someone wants to make plans or invites me somewhere, I say no. I just have no freaking energy to do anything or even get out of bed!

For a while now, my friends Shivi and Annie have been wanting to make plans to do something cuz we had vacations, but every single time I said that I couldn’t.  For no reason except that I didn’t feel up to it. And then Mousey wanted to know if I wanted to hand out tomorrow or something and I just said that I can’t. I should do things, but I don’t want to and I don’t feel like doing anything.

Also, my mom is going to be home from tomorrow till the 17th. She’s taken leave from work and so that means she’s going to be at home all the time and I have to be around her all day. And that’s not going to be nice for me. But I’m going to plan so many things to do all day long that we won’t have time to talk much. Doctor’s appointments, her office work/my school work, movies etc etc will keep everyone super busy I hope. Whenever she’s home I have to be so careful to not let anything personal spill and I have to tip toe around her and I hate it. God, I can’t deal with her being at home all the time! FML.


7 thoughts on “I’m really bad at thinking of titles

  1. I think it’s important to be aware when people invite you places and ask you if you want to go somewhere with them, and actually think about it in the moment. Think about how you know it’ll make you happy, it’ll give you something to do. And just once, try saying yes. Try just making yourself do it and go out, and just see how it goes. I know it’ll be hard, but I think it’ll be worth it. xo

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