Mental Disorders are not a joke!

I am so upset right now. I recently came across a picture showing a girl wearing a t shirt with Kurt Cobain’s suicide note printed on it (See here) Also, another thing that I saw around Christmas was a sweater that said OCD – Obsessive Christmas Disorder (See here and here). Both these things anger me so much because they treat mental disorders and suicide as a joke!

Why would you want to wear a suicide note? Suicide isn’t a laughing matter! It’s a really serious issue and making a joke of it like this only makes people who are suicidal feel worse and it trivializes the seriousness of the issue. And same goes about making a joke about OCD! It’s a serious disorder that people suffer from. Everywhere people keep saying “I’m so OCD” and “I’m so depressed!” Well firstly you can’t be OCD, that like saying I’m so cancer! You can have OCD but you shouldn’t be saying that unless you actually have the disorder! And being depressed and being sad are different things so unless you actually have depression, please don’t say “I’m so depressed” Mental illnesses make people’s lives hell. They are not something to be laughed about. Joking about it is beyond insensitive!

I see so many posts on social media which romanticize and glamorize eating disorders and depression and all mental disorders, honestly! It’s so upsetting because people’s lives get ruined because of these disorders and other people are just laughing and joking about it.


So yeah, basically we need to stop joking about mental disorders and actually create awareness about them!

Also, Em wrote a post about this issue very recently and you can find it here.

Also, I tried to be careful and not make errors in this post and offend anyone or anything and this post was written with the sole purpose of creating awareness but if I made a mistake somewhere, I would love to know it so I can correct myself. Thank you!


28 thoughts on “Mental Disorders are not a joke!

  1. Fucking amen. Seriously there is so much stigma surrounding mental illness it’s not funny. If something is wrong with you physically, you go to the hospital and people empathise. Why isn’t it the same with mental diseases? The lack of understanding and compassion can sometimes be so disappointing. But I feel in recent years this is one of the areas where a large part of the world has really progressed and gone very far in terms of recognising issues and taking them seriously. I hope in the future this can reach every community and people can know there is help out there.

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  2. This makes me sick–the shirt and everything. Like you said, it’s not a joking matter. This stuff is serious. I’m just so disappointed in people these days. Everyone thinks EVERYTHING is funny, no matter what it is. I get so sick of seeing people joke about disorders that are serious. Thank you for writing this post.

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  3. I hate mental illness merch! That t-shirt is vile, Kurt Combain’s suicide isn’t a quote or a fashion statement, and OCD, as you said is such a serious illness, it’s horrible and can take over people’s lives. Thanks for posting this!

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  4. I cannot STAND when people look at me and call me anorexic. It offends me because being skinny is not the same as suffering from anorexia, plus it’s offensive to people who actually have it! Thanks for the awesome post!

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  5. It’s horrid that mental illnesses aren’t taken more seriously with young people, and the words ‘depressed’, ‘OCD’ and ‘anxiety’ are often thrown about. I’m glad that more people are realising this too. Thank you for bringing these issues to light. I am hoping my blog can help people along the way with these struggles also, having been a sufferer myself. x

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  6. I’m glad you’re shedding light to this topic. I’m still disgusted that people could even think of making these shirts.
    As much as I hate to say it, mental illnesses are becoming a trend with some of the ignorant youth, where they’ll say it to look “trendy” and “cool” which is sick.

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  7. You wouldn’t offend anyone, your opinions are valid, right and true. Some people make me sick. Reine told me that a girl she spoke to said to her that she wished she had some kind of mental illness because it would be ‘cool’ to experience it. People like that…wow. This is why awareness needs to be spread. They ruin lives. They aren’t pretty. They are horrible. Why can’t people realise that!?

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