So life’s pretty dull, just all the usual stuff.

1. Mom’s a bit better. Like she didn’t cough any blood yesterday. She did today though. The problem with her is that she refuses to rest and get all her tests done and go see the doc on time and all that. She makes work her priority! She has to think about her health! Yeah, I worry a lot.
2. I finally put my entire art portfolio on my laptop. And like edited some stuff and all that. Sometimes I think that maybe I should’ve/ should apply to art school just to see if I get in but then I feel like I’m not good enough and I can’t get in. And even if I do get in, I cant afford to go! So well, Idk.
3. I was in an okay mood till yesterday afternoon but then I don’t know why but my mood got bad again. But like I tried to not wallow in my sadness and shit so I got up and washed my hair and tried to do small things like changing bedsheets and stuff. I didn’t feel great but I did feel like I at least did something.
4. I used to play tennis a long time ago and then I stopped cuz I got busy and then for a couple of years I played judo. And then this winter, my sis started playing tennis and then my vacations started and so my mom insisted that I play too. And honestly, I don’t like it at all but it makes mom happy so I’m just going to play for as long as I can.
5. I need to study, school starts soon. And I haven’t really done any of my work. Ugh.
6. The financial aid forms for college are so confusing. Like with my parents being divorced and stuff and me not having financial info of my dad, I have to fill out like all these different forms and I’m really confused!
7. I’ve been drawing and painting like crazy! Idk, I’m just in the mood I guess. I took out all my fancy pens and paints and pencils and art files and everything and it’s quite nice. Tbh, most of my art stuff I got as gifts. I never relaly buy them myself cuz I feel like what if I don’t use them, I’ll end up wasting money! It’s stupid!
8. I know I’m probably just dreaming, but this time next year, I could be in a different country! Maybe even in/near New York! Okay I shouldn’t dream so much cuz if I don’t then I’ll just be dissapointed!
9. We finally have netflix here! My sister is so excited!
10. I’m done with most of my college apps! Yay!

Okay yeah, life is pretty boring and now I’m blabbing. I should stop now!


15 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Glad your mum’s a little better, hopefully she will soon go to the doctor and get the test done! Good luck with everything – college, studying, feeling better, all of it. 🙂

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  2. It’s totally okay to be worried about your mom!! With what you just said, I’m worried about your mom.
    -You can always apply for student loans and grants for college to help pay your way if you get into the arts schools (I think you have a decent shot at getting in as long as you believe in yourself)
    -Netflix is amazing! I have been binge watching all kinds of shows this semester break.
    -Sometimes hope is all anyone has left. I like to stay realistically optimistic. Good things will happen if you start making them happen and believing they will happen.

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    • Thank you so much! Yes, I am worried about my mom.
      I am applying for student loans and trying to work things out.
      I’m looking forward to watching shows on Netflix!
      Realistically optimistic is what I’m going for too! 🙂

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  3. I hope your mother’s doing better. I’m no doctor, but judging from her symptoms, they might be the cause of being over-worked, at her job and at home. Rest is much needed, so it helps to insist that she takes the evenings and weekends to recuperate. Perhaps that will help!

    Hope you’re well, too. Good luck on applications!

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  4. wow I’m definetly glad to come back and hear that you’re mom is okay . But I’m happy for you for for having netflix and painting more . hopefully , we can see it soon ? 😀

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