I’m so gay!

Okay, like I feel so gay! Like I’ve known that I’m not straight for a while now and I’ve accepted that and stuff but like I feel so gay since yesterday!

I feel like I’m makimg no sense but in such a weird mood! Like I’ve been reading all the lgbt text posts on tumblr and instagram and omg I love this!

I don’t know what’s happening to me but I’m laughing like a craxy person and I can’t stop! I’m so gay!

Sorry this post is so stupid!
And like Idk maybe I should say lesbian but I don’t particularly feel comfortable in using that word. Like the word gets stuck in my mouth. Does that make sense? Idk so I’m just going to stick with gay. Okay.

And I’m making lists! Lists of all the lgbt themed books and movies I want to read and watch soon. I’m desperate to see and read those!


21 thoughts on “I’m so gay!

  1. You should definitely read ‘The Well of Loneliness’ by Radclyffe Hall, and Maurice by E.M Forster. Not only are they early examples of LGBTQ- themed novels, but they are a couple of the best books in the English Language!

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  2. I fail to understand the disdain that the gay community is subjected to in some ways by people who are homophobic. Aside from the fact that gay people are attracted to members of the same sex, like heterosexual people, gay people love with their hearts. Since this is the case, are they really so different from the rest of us?


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