Umm so there are a few things going on in my life right now and so here are the updates on my life.

  1. My mom got sick today and I had to take her to the emergency room. She woke up in the morning and was coughing blood and so I decided to take her to the doctor. And when something like this happens, I get into mom mode. Which basically means, I take charge of the situation and get into work mode. I called up the tennis coach and said we weren’t going to come for class, called up the driver and asked him to hurry, took out clothes for mom to change into, arranged breakfast and then hurried and took her to the ER. From the ER after the basic check up where they found that her vitals were okay, they sent us to the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who said it wasn’t anything major but referred her to the respiratory doctor. But the doc had a long waiting and so mom got annoyed and left. And then refused to go back because she claimed to be too tired.  Then I convinced her to get a chest x ray and got her to make another appointment with a doc this week. So when that’s done, we’ll know more about what’s wrong. I’m a little worried because she’s been sick for a while with severe back and head aches and slight fever and so I don’t know, I’m worried.
  2. All my college applications are going on right now. Most of them are done, just little bits left. I’ve sent in a few, and I’ll probably send the rest by the end of this month.
  3. A little while back, I’d mentioned the fact that I want to disconnect from my friends cuz I feel stupid and like a burden and I end up caring too much and then getting hurt. So I’ve already done that with most people with the exception of three people right now, Shivi, Annie and Mousey. Shivi makes an effort to talk so I reply, with Annie it’s so instinctive cuz I’m so used to talking to her everyday and Mousey, I don’t know, I just end up talking to her a bit.
  4. I made drawing for her but I don’t know if I’ll actually give it to her or not.
  5. I took a little break from drawing and painting in between but I’m trying to start again. I really like making things for other people.
  6. I just realized that I’ve made 300 posts. This is my 301st post!
  7. I’ve been staying up way to late and waking up way too early every morning leading me to feel sleepy all day long! I have to get a better handle on things!
  8. Semester 2 of grade 12 starts this month and then I’m done. Just a few more months of school left. But like once school starts, I have to submit my extended essay and ToK essay which is quite a bit of work, but I’ll manage.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of right now, pretty boring, I know but oh well.


28 thoughts on “Updates//January

  1. Oh gosh. I really hope your Mum is okay. And I hope you ass with flying colours on your Year 12 essay! Congratulations on getting 301 posts! They have been amazing. Don’t over work yourself though, wordpress can wait if you have other things to do like help your Mum.
    best wishes

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  2. I hope your mum is alright! And if there was anything I could do to talk you out of disconnecting with those last three friends, I would, but I won’t push it too much. And good luck with your essays too! 🙂

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